Essex Ukulele is a society dedicated to having fun with your Ukulele, by helping you enhance your skills, learn more, share the experience, ideas and knowledge with others and even start performing in a band!

We teach, play, learn and enjoy all things Ukulele. Our Bands meet regularly and prepare for local "gigs". We currently have 12 active bands who meet evenings and during the day.


The brand new programme of Uke Gigs at Barleylands starting in September 2019. With regular club nights featuring Three or Four of the bands that play and rehearse at Barleylands. The fun starts at 7:00 p.m. in Function room 1 at Barleylands Craft Village. Entrance open to all just £3.00 bring your own drink and nibbles.


I Think I'm Gonna Uke

I Think I'm Gonna Uke consists of 7 Members and have only recently started performing. For more information please click here.



Rumatica consists of 12 members and they reguarly perform a wide range of genres. For more information visit their website:

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Damp were formed from a group of three who got together to perform a one off gig at Christmas.

Originally called PMA (consisting of and based on the initials of members Paula, Mike and Andrew) they felt they needed to challenge themselves musically, so resurrected the group earlier this year (2019).

Given their aims and values and wanting an extra edge and fuller sound, they sought out the percussive skills of Dave to enhance the rhythm section. This did require a reworking of the PMA  acronym, and initially starting as a working title, DAMP was born. As with many nicknames, it stuck.

Currently concentrating on their set and looking forward to playing at social nights, open mics with a view to making a festival appearance before the year is out. Watch this space.


A Sharp

A# (Or A Sharp if you'd prefer) evolved from the Wednesday Ukulele class taken by Jenny to coach skills and techniques. These techniques are used within songs to create a set list which are performed on social club nights.


Jenny has spent most of her life involved in music, both playing and composing. This included one original composition reaching a nationwide competition and a TV appearance at 14. She has been a professional bassist from 1979 and has played in many years in bands and countries abroad. 


You can also catch her running the Tuesday night choir and performing currently with bands "Jukebox" and "Juicy Blue", also covering for bands in need of bass.

A SHARP is an enjoyable way to build on your ukuelele skills and we meet on Wednesdays at 7.


Newcomers are always welcome



Jukebox consists of 6 members and they regularly perform. Please visit for more information.


Cool Ukes

COOL UKES are an Essex based band, inspired by a shared love of Ukuleles and music.

They play a great range of sounds and genres all held together by the dulcet, resonant tones of their percussion man Graham on Drums. (Cowbell included!) and Martin, Mr Bass man.


Lead uke is Mal,supported by Bazza (occasionally on the Mandolin) backed up by our Rhythm section, Mark,
Ken, Nina and Sandra. These 8 together make up; COOL

They play a large range of music from, Skiffle from the 50’s  right through every decade since including right up-to-date chart toppers!

Singing is shared, as they are all equally gregarious and like to be heard – they simply choose the voice to fit the song – that way they all have fun and no one gets bored, and neither will you!

If you are looking for a band to get the whole company up, dancing and joining in, uke(!) can.

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