I Think I'm Gonna Uke

Meet our Chelmsford Ukulele group:

Brian: Ukulele and Vocals


I first became interested in playing the ukulele when I saw Joe Brown close "Concert For George" playing "I'll See You In My Dreams" on a ukulele in May 2017. So I taught myself, via You Tube, the basic chords and then joined one of Terry's ukulele classes at Barleyland's.

 He suggested that I join the Chelmsford group, which at the time I didn't know existed, as it was nearer for me. One of the first things that struck me was that at Barleyland's there were lots of separate spin off groups, taking it in turns to play at Terry's Saturday Club Night, but the Chelmsford Strummer's, with it's forty odd members didn't have one spin off group. So I spoke to Terry and got his approval to form one. I then approached various members to see if they might be interested in becoming involved and to my delight every single one I asked, said they would. We started rehearsing just before Xmas 2018. 


where we rehearse they have asked us to play in the Social Club on Saturday nights and or Sunday lunch times. 


Our aim was to have fun, enjoy the experience and think outside the box. I for one am thoroughly enjoying the input and company of a very helpful and pleasant group of people. 

Richard: Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Vocals.


I'm a retired Chartered Engineer who has returned to academia to keep the grey matter active. I have had an interest in music from an early age and learned to play the guitar in my teens. However, it was ten years before I had the opportunity to join a regular band. For the next five or so years I played bass with a succession of rather obscure Essex based blues/rock bands. Subsequently, I developed my keyboard skills and for the next fifteen years or so played keyboards with a succession of different, but still obscure blues/rock bands. In addition to I Think I'm Gonna Uke I practice and perform with Terry's Thursday night Chelmsford Strummer's, Desperate Measures and with Chelmsford Guitar Orchestra. I also play Guitar, Keyboards and Harmonica with the Chelmsford Amateur Music Players and Singers (CHAMPS) and informal music group open to all, of which I am the founder member.

Gavin: Ukulele.


Not to be discouraged by my primary school music teacher who exclaimed "Gavin sings with gusto, though rarely on the right note" I followed an alternative musical odyssey which included such highlights as appearing in the video for Chris de Burgh's unforgettable 1980's rock classic "High-eegh-iigh-eegh-iigh on Emotion". I also had a wee backstage with Jeff Beck and stalked Ray Davies of the Kinks around Sainsbury's in Cobham. Having only been playing the ukulele for a year and a half, "I Think I'm Gonna Uke" is my first foray into being in an actual band, so there are equal measures of excitement and terror whenever I unzip my case and get my instrument out, both for myself and my fellow musicians. However, the whole experience has been great fun so far and I look forward to the day, in the not too distant future, when I can make that call and invite Chis de Burgh to return the favour of appearing in one our our videos.


Sarah: Ukulele and Lead Vocals.


I first picked up a ukulele at the "Just So Festival" in the summer of 2016 at a family workshop. Buoyed up by the success of playing "Rocking All Over The World" after learning two chords, I bought my two children ukuleles for Christmas. I swiftly took possession of one of them and joined Terry's six week beginners course. Two years later, I've learned a few more chords and am enjoying living out my rock and roll fantasies with the other members of the group.

Sharon: Ukulele, Harmonica and Vocals.


When I was younger I sang in the School Choir and have been chancing my arm and playing self taught harmonica from the age of eight. When I left Ireland in 1987, I was part of a duet with my friend Tom playing keyboards, we sung in Irish pubs and Social Clubs in London and a few in Chelmsford, mainly to ease my homesickness. In February 2018, I started learning the ukulele with Terry. I love playing and singing because it does my heart good and music is part of my DNA. I keep striving to be a better player and challenge myself to learn and sing new material. In December 2018 Brian asked me to join a small new band he was putting together, to think outside the box, challenge ourselves and have fun!  The band ticks all the boxes for me and it's no exaggeration to say it has changed my life in a wonderful and unexpected way. "Here's to the future"

Darren: Ukulele.


That's me the tall bloke at the back with the little "guitar". Musical knowledge, not a lot, experience, none! Brought up on Elvis, thanks to my day and the Sex Pistols thanks to my older brother, so who knows what will happen. I've been playing the ukulele for eighteen months now and joined Terry's Chelmsford Strummer's to try and work out this weird little box and still trying, but having fun.

David: Guitar.


I took up playing guitar in the late 70's playing in school bands and then gigging around East London and Essex. After a hiatus of many years, when life got in the way, I returned to playing in the noughtie's and joined I Think I'm Gonna Uke in January 2019. I have a wide and varied appreciation of music and have recently been involved in recording projects as diverse as a album of children's nursery songs to an 1980's disco pastiche.

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